Ask any dozen hunters ...

John “Pondoro” Taylor:

“The .375 Holland and Holland Magnum [is] undoubtedly one of the deadliest weapons in existence … I’ve had five of these rifles … one of them accounted for more than 100 elephant and some 411 buffalo, besides rhino, lions and lesser game … I find it difficult right here to remember a single animal that required a second shot from this rifle.” African Rifles and Cartridges, NRA Firearms Classic Library (1995)

“I know, from using the rifle myself, that the .375 magnum can safely be taken against any animal anywhere in Africa.” Big Game and Big Game Rifles, Safari Press (1993)

“If I had to choose only one rifle to use the rest of my life, I’d take the .375 Holland & Holland.” American Hunter, Vol. 25, No. 10 (October 1997)

Craig Boddington:

For Alaskan Brown Bears, the “[b]est of all, to my mind, remains the 1912-vintage .375 H&H. It has the reach if you need it -– but, and this is more important, it has the knockdown power for close-range work.” American Hunting Rifles, Safari Press (1995)

“[I]f I could have just one cartridge to hunt the world over, my only answer is the .375.” Petersen's HUNTING, June 1995

“The brown bear is just an overfed grizzly. He gets much bigger, and he is usually hunted in closer cover. The .375 H&H is the rifle, period.” Petersen's HUNTING, April 1998

Peter Hathaway Capstick:

“The beauty of the .375 H&H is simple: you can take every animal on earth with the caliber without ever being over -- and only rarely undergunned.” Safari: The Last Adventure, St. Martin's Press (1984)

Finn Aagaard:

“The .375 … remains the one outstanding choice for the hunter who wants a rifle that works well on everything from little gazelles to five-ton elephants. My .375 has done exactly that, in addition to having given quite satisfactory results on the 48 buffalo taken with it . . .” Aagaard's Africa, National Rifle Association of America (1991)

“I think [the .375 H&H] is arguably the finest all-around big game cartridge ever designed. If I could have but one rifle for all African hunting, I would without any hesitation choose a .375 H&H.” Rifle, No. 170 (March-April 1997)

Jack O’Connor:

“The .375 is one of my real enthusiasms in big-game cartridges. If I were going to hunt all over the world and could use only one rifle, it would be the .375.” The Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns, Outdoor Life (1965)

“[The .375] has enough power in a pinch for elephants and rhinos, yet it shoots flat enough for mountain hunting.” The Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns, Outdoor Life (1965)

“[T]he queen of the medium bores is the .375 H&H Magnum, one of the world’s most useful and widely distributed cartridges, and probably the best all-around cartridge ever devised.” The Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns, Outdoor Life (1965)

“I have used the .375 in Africa on two trips, in India, Iran and Alaska, and have shot with it a couple of lions, two Alaskan brown bear and one very large tiger, as well as a slew of the larger African antelope.” The Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns, Outdoor Life (1965)

G. Sitton:

“[I]f you balance lethality against ranging capability, and factor in tolerable recoil, the .375 H&H does more jobs better than any single round we have. It is arguably the most broadly effective cartridge in the entire history of sporting firearms.” Petersen's Big Book of Cartridges, Vol. 1

“In North America, the .375 is an excellent cartridge for bad brown bears (white ones, too) . . . For mature bull elk and moose, especially in the timber, the .375 is by no stretch too much.” Guns & Ammo, June 1998

Ron Spomer:

“For my big rifle, I can unequivocally recommend a stout bolt action in .375 H&H Magnum.” Rifle, No. 158 (March-April 1995)

Ken Waters:

“Discovering [the .375’s] capacity for dual use has been great fun, and rewarding. Not only is this rifle’s power legendary, but also its destructiveness is frequently less than that of a high-velocity small-bore, especially for those hunters who prefer steaks and loin chops to hamburger.” Handloader, No. 200 (August 1999)

Elmer Keith:

“[I]t handles anything from small deer to the heaviest bear or moose. I have used the .375 Holland and Holland Magnum on a great deal of game with good results.” Hunting Big Game, Peterson Publishing Company (1965)

Layne Simpson:

“Few who have a great deal of hunting experience with the .375 H&H Magnum will disagree when I describe it as one of the most useful big-game cartridges ever developed . . . I can think of no big-game animal presently residing anywhere in this world that I would not tackle with a rifle in .375 H&H Magnum.” Rifles and Cartridges for Big Game, Safari Press (2003)

Edward A. Matunas:

“Without a doubt, the most popular cartridge in Africa is the .375 H&H. It likely accounts for more game than all other cartridges combined … every species of African game, from the tiniest of antelope to the largest elephant, have been taken with this cartridge … As stated many times by many people, put a proper bullet in the right place and this cartridge will kill any creature on the face of this earth.” Modern African Adventures, Edward A. Matunas (1998)

Edd “Pungubwe” Woslum:

“I have in my own personal experience shot over 80 animals with the [.375] H&H and I’ve been close enough to count nasal hairs on another 80 or 100 shot by friends and clients. These statistics ... include a stack of 800-lb. blue wildebeest, some 1700-lb. eland and, of course, my favorite big bad hombre, the Cape buffalo. None of these animals, when hit even close to correctly, ran off.” The Accurate Rifle, Vol. 6, No. 4 (May, 2003)